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Tuesday July 16, 7A Pesky mothers-in-law drive readers nuts Dear Ann Landers: I read with interest the letter from the mother-in-law who had a hunch that her son's wife was having an affair. My questions are: Why is this woman at her daughter-in-law's house every evening? Why is she answering the phone in someone else's house? Why doesn't she do volunteer work at a hospital or cultivate some friends of her own? Or better yet, stay home and mind her own business?

I had a similar experience with my mother-in-law. The woman lived across the street from us and slept in our house every night for six years after her husband died. She disrupted our marriage and interfered with the way we were raising our children.

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I put an end to it when I told my husband that his mother was suffocating me and if he didn't tell her to butt out of our affairs, I was filing for divorce. In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Matthiessen. Lakota Woman, Crow Dog. Ufa's Uttle Instruction Book, Brown.

South Dakota Sluts

Go For It, Zerafa. Fiction 1. Dying Young, Leimbach. The Prize, Garwood.

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Voice of the Night, Koontz. Secrets of the Morning, Andrews. One Wore Blue, Graham.

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It's a step-by-step blueprint for custom deing a trust. When asked if meeting his wife Cindy changed him, Costner replies: "When I met her I knew that I was a bit of a rascal who went with sluts before. And I really thought no decent woman would have me. That is why in my young days I used to pick up sluts - and I don't mean that nastily.

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It's more a t Bulletin Moving up Bork was elected president at the club's 27th annual International Rally in Sedalia, Mo. He is the first South Dakotan ever elected as national president Bork presides over the national board of directors from eight geographical areas of the United States and Canada.

The board represents over 12, family units which include travel trailers, fifth wheels and motor homes, all manufactured by the Holiday Rambler Corp. There are about active local chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

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Doesn't that woman have anything else to do? After two years of such "togetherness" I'll bet the daughter-in-law is ready for an insane asylum. The Firm John Grisham 2.

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As trie Crow Flies Jeffrey Archer 5. Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, Vol. The Commanders Bob Woodward 2.

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Chutzpah Alan Oershowitz. Woody Allen Eric Lax. Paperback 1. The Burden of Proof, Scott Turow 2.

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September, Rosamunds Pilcher 3. The Voice of the Night, Dean Koontz 4. Dragon, Give Cussler term of endearment, really, for girls who know how to speak their minds. I found that very exciting as a young man When I'm at home, I'm a good dad -1 know. But when I'm away from home or on location, my room is not exactly lined with pictures of my family. There may be something wrong with me, but I must compartmentalize myself so that I can keep exploring who I am.

I don't want to stop what I'm doing and I don't want to lose what I've got.

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It can be difficult. In addition to the elected officers 17 district deputies from all areas of South Dakota will also be installed.


It got so bad I looked forward to having surgery so I could spend several days in the hospital. I have some advice for her. Lady, leave your son and his wife alone. Get a part-time job. a club.

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Develop a hobby. Take a trip. Take a few courses at a community college. Get a boyfriend.

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Maybe your son took a second job because you are at his house all the time. Anonymous in Winnipeg Dear Anonymous: Thanks for sitting in my chair today. You and Dakotas did a splendid job and I am grateful. Dear Ann Landers: I love unlikely coincidences. When reading your column recently, I couldn't believe my eyes.

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The letter was about being chosen last when lining up for sports in gym class and the person writing said that she, along with "Martha Benson who had a glass eye," were always humiliated because nobody wanted them. With a style and story line that fairly scream miniseries, the newest Archer book makes for tedious and unchallenging reading.

For a work nearing the top of several best-sellers lists, it offers surprisingly few rewards. The tale revolves around one Charlie Trumper, a fruit and vegetable monger or "barrow boy" from London's lower-class East End. And it's only a couple of miles, as the crow flies, to Chelsea Terrace, the fictional high-end shopping district where he eventually establishes Trumper's, the world's largest department store. The main characters are crudely drawn, one-dimensional carica- How does Costner handle a leading lady coming on to him?

South Dakota Sluts

You have to keep reminding yourself that it is all really just make-believe and that nothing is real in any movie. You do the job and you go home. When I'm in Hollywood, I'm really the family man But when I'm on location and away from them - like abroad -I'm a lot wilder because then you're lonely and obsessed with work and you sometimes need to let off steam. Shop at home service using your home's natural lighting.

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Backed by the best warranty in the business. Expert installation.

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It so happens that MY name is Martha Benson and I was, like the girl in the letter, the last to be chosen because my eyesight was so poor no glass eye, but I did wear thick glasses, starting at the age of 3. It was fun to read about "myself. Birmingham, Ala. Dear Martha Benson: What a coincidence! I am sure this sort of thing happens more than I know. Thanks for being such a good sport. Gem of the Day : You know you have reached middle age when every new person you meet reminds you of someone you already know.

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