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Oklahoma State University professor Dr. Miriam McGaugh is an expert in analyzing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns within it.

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While an epidemiologist for the Oklahoma State Department of Health, she used health care data to create community public health initiatives. Now the assistant professor of professional practice in business analytics in the Spears School of Business is taking on the tragedy of human trafficking in the United States.

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For the last five years, McGaugh has explored ways to use data pulled from the internet to trace traffickers of victims forced into prostitution. Her research, conducted with colleagues from Louisiana State University and the University of Alabama, has developed ways to identify patterns in the use of phone s and images in online classified for sexual services that may indicate human trafficking.

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In the U. But the global trade in humans also harms millions of people coerced into sex work and is a major issue in the U. According to the U. Department of Justice, law enforcement agencies identified nearly 4, confirmed victims of sex and labor trafficking in the U.

An estimated 4. InMcGaugh ed a research project started at LSU to test a theory that contact phone s in online for adult services could provide clues about the people placing the .

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The site was one of the largest sources for sex trade in the country until when the FBI shut it down. Data from theincluding phone s and such as escort services, adult entertainment, massage parlors and recruiting, were added to a huge database for analysis.

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The researchers theorize contact s in provide clues to whether the ad is for legal adult businesses like strip clubs or illegal activity like prostitution. Traffickers often hide their from police internet searches using code words, slang, misspellings and abbreviations to foil the use of search terms.

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Though sex are easy enough to find on the internet, investigating their sources is difficult. And phone s that appear in multiple associated with multiple escorts and in different regions of the country suggest a trafficking network. Inthe study was expanded when data was pulled from 3 million Back.

Phone lifespan and category data were available for 7, s, 90 percent of which were for escorts. InMcGaugh created a future tool for law enforcement when she worked with OSU student computer programmers to develop a mobile app called Break the Chain.

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