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The message sent to a Back escort ad was short, sweet, to the point and representative of messages from a broad range of men who are willing to pay for sex.

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Unknown to the sender, he was responding to an ad posted by the Mansfield police in a t effort with the Mansfield News Journal and Gannett Ohio to evaluate any changes in demand since a May sting ended in 30 arrests. As more rural communities see a spike in prostitutionlargely driven by heroin addiction and internetsmall departments are struggling to find the manpower to put together time-intensive reverse stings to push back at demand.

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The demand for purchasing sex is just as difficult to get a handle on as determining the supply. Studies of American men buying sex have varied in their estimations, making claims anywhere from 16 percent to 80 percent of men engage in prostitution, according to a study from Prostitution Research and Educationa San Francisco-based nonprofit focused on advancing prostitution research.

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However, the recent leak from Ashley Madisonan online hookup site for people wanting to have affairs, revealed there were more than 30 million user s worldwide. An analysis of those s by Trustify show 70 percent were from men, nearly 1.

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Coontz mentioned the leak as showing how pervasive demand is for sex outside of a relationship. The ad his officers and others from METRICH, the regional task force, placed in May garnered responses in two weeks and text messages after they posted a phone .

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The May sting was a more elaborate operation than the recent follow-up ad, which is partly why it drew more interest, Coontz said. Historically, police focus has been on arresting women. According to a FBI crime report66 percent of prostitution arrests reported to them not all agencies report data in were women and 68 percent of arrests reported in were women.

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However, as more officials push law enforcement to target human trafficking, many agencies have begun shifting their approach or at least also targeting those buying. This time around, they only spotted two by locals.

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The focus with the 15 prostitutes has been to get them treatment and services, Coontz said. Punishment has been the target for the men, who were charged not only with soliciting but also possession of criminal tools — their cars and cell phones.

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Few of the men have served jail time, but they were fined, sentenced to serve up to hours of community service and placed on probation for a year. Young said he thinks an ongoing push to increase penalties of prostitution-related charges for repeat offenders is gaining traction due to interest in battling human trafficking.

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If a person offends three or more times, the mandatory penalty would be even stiffer. In July, U. Senators Rob Portman and Dianne Feinstein, of California, introduced the Combat Human Trafficking Act that would increase penalties for buyers in federal trafficking cases.

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While the median of times men said they had bought sex was 18, the range went up toand 40 percent reported they had exchanged drugs for sex. China Krys Darrington, of Akron, spent more than a decade prostituting, but now is a recovery coach and public speaker. During human trafficking training in Chillicothe this summer, she shared her experiences, from being molested as to winding up raped repeatedly, her back broken, in a crack house during the height of her addiction.


Darrington also recalled a time when she had a small, regular client list: a judge, a football coach, a lawyer and two business owners. For some men, frequenting prostitutes is a compulsion, said Stephanie Billingsley, a sexual addiction therapist in Middletown.

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Young, who has spent 12 of his 23 years as an officer in the vice unit, feels courts should order clinical evaluations that could be used to determine treatment needs. Figuring out how to tackle prostitution effectively in smaller, more rural police departments is a big question as heroin addiction and the internet has fueled an increase in people, especially women, selling sex. Although Zanesville has seen at least a 14 percent increase in complaints of prostitution this year, police report issues with resources and manpower have prevented them from doing many stings.

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In order to make a solid case, officers need to not only be able to see a transaction take place but also hear it, he added. Facebook Twitter .

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Ohio police trick men who are looking for tricks. Jona Ison Ohio.

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